Top Analyst Says Bitcoin Set to Make Huge Gains


Bitcoin Analysis: All-Time-Highs By 2020?

BTFD While You Can

by Augustus Lee

  • Chart: 12H Bars
  • Date: October 5th, 2019
  • Price Open: $8,150

Bitcoin set to make huge gains. After the sell-off in late September, the price has held strong, finding support in the 7700 & 8500 range last seen this past summer. Volatility should slow down and price should remain in the 7500 to 9000 range for a little longer. Around late November / early December we may start to see some pressure building and eventually, the price may snap to the upside. If this happens, expect another run as we had in April through June. Bitcoin is set to make huge gains in 2020.

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This bull-run has been trading in almost perfect waves, with our current position being at the end of a correction. Do not let these red days discourage, this is all part of a natural and healthy price cycle. BTFD! and enjoy.

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Note: Analysis is just for fun and educational purposes, it is not financial advice

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